Summer Workouts

hey i just wanted to get this off my chest first…you guys think i dont work out at all…well i do ALOT i always strive to get into the weightroom and play basketball also…


summer is coming up and im ready to bust my as$ off everyday…im gonna do the upperbody work of my nba power conditioning book and do defrancos template for lowerbody twice a week…im also going to incorprate sprints in my workout and agility/speed drills and such…any tips heading into summer about weight training during the summer? suggestions or ideas? schools gonna be out so im gonna be focused focused focused

Well what do you have lined up as far as your weekly schedule goes? Are you going to stick to this program, because nothin personal but from what I have seen you post, most of the time you write up a program, get bored with it, and/or you want to jump to a new one 2 weeks later because your vert isnt 40" yet. My advice is stay consistent, keep working hard, and be patient.

I agree with Cortese… theDragon, for instance, has done WSFSB for about 3 months and is sticking with it. Just be consistent.

people say to vary so much that i always think i have to keep changing u know what im sayin…well my weekly schedule would be basketball practice everyday workin on each aspect and weight room 4 times a week, sprints once a week and maybe insert plyos after a while when i feel im ready…do i have to have a program for every single thing? like for example i have a program for strength but not really no structured program for basketball practice, cuz like how can i structure a long term program for practice if i dont know how much im gonna improve and what drills i need to incorprate and do more as time goes on, so basketball practice shouldnt have a program right? just go with the flow? sorry for so many questions once again

Vary doesn’t necessarily mean change programs entirely.

Simpley change reps and sets, Periodize.

so it would be ok to keep doing defrancos westiside for sknny bastards even through the summer…just vary the reps and sets and stuff??? what if i reach a plateu with it

It gives your various exercise selections right? Change the exercises?

How close are into reaching a plateau? Reach it first and then worry about it…