Sub Max Speed

I would still use a sub-max period- but, perhaps 5 days or so.

What about the second part of that post. What do you think about that?

Sub-max, as I’ve already said is 95%- not 80% which is medium speed.

Ok Charlie. I see what you mean I think. Are you saying sub max effort meaning you still wanna go very fast, just at a relaxed effort? I word the question in this way because sometimes when you intend to go 95%, especially with the novice runner, you may end up gong a little faster, meaning 100%.

novice runners will be setting PB’s frequently. Its the more advanced runner that has to pull back more often.

So in other words t-bone, if you are a novice runner you should just run and not worry about it?

thats the way i understand it. because it can be difficult for novice runners to over tax their CNS. however i beleive a novice runner would run sub max days leading up to a competition, like charlie said.