Sub 12 100m again!

fri/sat rest

sun: 3x30m blocks
5x20m flying (40m buildup)

Flying: I try to hit max at the 40 line and relax/execute through.Correct?
First steps out of the block dont do much. Any tips?

I would use a 20m build up with no blocks. I don’t think you would be taking 40m to hit top speed just yet…

:stuck_out_tongue: I like to build up gradually and save my energy for the 20m before the 40m line. If I were to go full throttle 20m I feel I work more acceleration than top speed. I might be wrong?

I wouldn’t be using the blocks gradually. you’ll either exit at the wrong angle or fall on your face.

I could be wrong on this, but I think I read somewhere that the quality of the acceleration affects the quality of the top speed. I suppose you don’t want to go flat out from the start, but 40m just seems like a really long wind up to me.

again, I could be wrong. this is just my impression over the internet… :stuck_out_tongue:


tues: weights
squats 80x3
clean 60x3
upperbody, stiff ham, plyo

wed: rest

6x60m 8.0
150m 20.8
300m 53.5 power gone after 80m

fri: 42min jog

sat: 4x30m blocks 4.2
tempo 6x200m 36-37s

60m race tuesday!

sun: 4x30m 1x70m blocks 95%


60m 8.08 (1.8w)

How are you timing yourself? And you have a wind gauge? I would stop timing stuff and worry about getting more fit and polishing up your form (running technique). How about posting some videos of 20m Flys and some starts. Just some food for thought when I was stuck at 12 sec 100m and 25 sec 200m. I stopped timing everything and just went off of feel of effort during training runs. Once in a while I would time myself just to confirm what I was doing. Once I put the clock down I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was able to relax more. I was able to run faster in practice and later faster at meets… Just sharing some info here ultimately you know what works best for you…

The 60m was at a meet yesterday. I totally agree on the timing issue. I find it motivating, but Ill cut down and run more on feel. Ill post some runs. Id really appreciate more feedback. Ive been asked to coach 16 13-18 year olds at the local club, and Ill use this, my education as a p.e.theacher and my athletic background to do that. The info out there is overwhelming, and our winter facilities limited so we will see how it goes. 70m indoor track and 20 degrees outside leads to a short-long approach. Ive read the CFTS a few times so Ill try something like that.

Def post some videos. But remember this we can only give you critique on one video on one day. You need someone to watch you and give you feed back daily. Kinda tough when your by yourself. Read Charlie’s Key Concept Elite. That to me is Charlies best work. It’s like a brain dump for sprinting. Awesome… You could do just fine for indoors with a 70m track.

Thanks! Ill check it out.

I have one meet left. A 100m the 18th of september. I have a simple plan for this winter. Focus on the 60m, hopefully lower it to 7.4HT, and squat 140kg (315lbs)
Im thinking 6-10 submax 60m runs 2x wk.

I’d be thinking more along the lines of 3x60 flat out twice a week, with some slow 150’s in between…

Only 70m indoor track available. Ill do the last 3 at full effort.
Dont you do more work at full intensity in one session hornblower? 180m total sounds light

It’s more about quality than quantity, I reckon. You want each run to be achieving new levels of speed. Take 5min rests and increase the volume gradually.

For longer runs, find some grass somewhere…

If your nervous system can tolerate it, you can use sets of 3-4x60m as split runs of course! No need for grass if it’s cold out.

Split runs? like 3x3x60m or are you talking about EFE, FEF?
BTW Do you use flying start for the FEF?