Sub 12 100m again!

sat: 4x80m 95% 3x300,400


mon: 6x20m flying
squat 2x90, upperbody

last 100m race sunday!

quick question - what were you training on saturday? speed, speed endurance, or general fitness/recovery??

I started a 800m challenge at the school I work, so I wanted to get a feel for the tempo required. Pluss it was freesing and windy so I cut down on the speed work. Speed and tempo in the same workout not optimal I guess.

Yes, I’m talking about split runs as in the sample CF short to Long program (4x4x60, or 3x4x60).

For FEF I do a forward roll from a crouch start (e.g. the crouch start the athlete is using on the 10 Day Taper video, or on the GPP video). I remember Charlie stating that block starts are harder on the nervous system than a rolling start from a crouch, so I limit them a little bit.

I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I think I remember charlie saying that if you do thw two in one session they sort of dampen the effect of each other…

I would sure like to see some research on this issue. I know 800m runners who do 60m/80m sprints to top of their workouts.

tues/wex: rest

thur:3x30m blocks
3x70m, 60m 8.1


sat:4x25m blocks relaxed

Meet tomorrow, 100m

good luck…

thanks, man!

Getting ready for the race, 9C (48F) degrees, pouring rain, I think I won but the timing system didnt work. Had to wait around soking wet 10min for a restart. Won the race but no time again,so I went home. Thats it this year!

What a downer. It’s a shame you didn’t get a time, but at least you got a win under your belt…

Kinda annoying going into the blocks thinking " wonder if this run will be timed" But I pretty much know where Im at.
My 60m race indicate 12.6. I was trailing after 40m in a field full of mostly 13sek runners so Ill have to get my acceleration back into place. My favorite thing to work on :slight_smile: