Stuart Mc millan

Does any of you know If he is still the coach of usa1 bobsled?He used to post lots of interesting info here, on speed-power and supertraining groups(nick hpsinternational).Hope he rejoins us soon.

A lot of people don’t like stu and I hear a lot of bad things about him…that means I need to to call him and pick his brain.

sounds interesting:)

He still coaches USA bob.

From reading his posts he seems to follow a format like Dan Pfaff’s. He also has stated he includes little to no tempo for short sprinters (neither does Pfaff) they do however include ample amounts of other low-intensity excercises like general strength circuits and medball circuits.

On a side note: Regarding Pfaff’s setups I don’t see them as that different than Charlie’s. Theory seems the same, weekly setup is close except Pfaff seems to include an extra speed/special enurance day and little or no tempo. Both seem to go short - long. Thoughts?

I agree…pfaff, for the limited knowledge I have, seems to be more found of overloading the cns through sprinting and then give it a break with an unloading week every 3.What i find interesting is the use of the oly lift by pfaff.In an old post on the speed power group, he was reported to suggest the use of full oly instead of the power version, because he claimed that it is the “switching phase” (conc. to ecc. to concentric movement, like in running) that gives the most for the sprinters.
If some of you recently surfed the inno-sport site, there is an article by DB remarking similar thoughts.
As for Stuart, happy for him to be still in charge, just sorry he doesn’t post anymore.

I think “build ups” (or technique runs) are also done on one of those low intensity days.

If he is still in charge for usabobsled, tomorrow we’ll see hi sathletes in lake placid…the 4 men crew last week looked quite good, and pavle jovanovic on 2man is great…maybe someone has some stats about him?

he is still the man with us bobsleigh and doing a great job. pavle is still the freaks freak in my books but they had 42 guys up here this past year and the top ten are all looking fast and strong.

they’ll be good for sure, however,those germans are still monsters in pushing…I wonder how they train…for sure they have a very broad base of athlete interested in bobsledding…

Who’s driving well for the US? Shimer making a comeback?

hayes, holcomb and mike kohn

Pavle is about 6’1" and in the 225lb - 230lb last time I saw him. I thought he got a lifetime ban? Apparently not.

kohn seems to have a good potential…and ahys is not that bad!

Actually, I would have to say that from what I know and have heard about Phaff’s (Stu is very similiar) training is that the CNS takes a major beating for 3 weeks and then will have the 4th week off. He will let the training output come down to 80% intensity (100% perceived). This is MUCH different that Charlies type of program. I think that they still follow a short to long program but even with that their approach is different regarding the high intensity aspects. Low intensity … relatively similar. All in all, I only know of 1 athlete that he has actually produced himself. Not a bad athlete though. :slight_smile:

Regarding Stu … he’s followed Phaff’s program pretty much. I do have to say that he’s pretty damn good in soft tissue regeneration. I’ve personally had his experience with this and he’s quite good. Overall, whether people like him or not is neither here or there as the results at the last Olympics spoke for themselves. I wish him the best of luck (as if it came down to that … lol).

Stu is not like by a lot of people in the area because “they” are not working with olympic athletes. I don’t know if our debate on another forum gave him a bad taste in his mouth but I have nothing against him. He is a big fan of Dan and he is getting results.

I haven’t talked to Stu for a few years now but the bottom line is that he’s getting results with Olympic quality athletes. Training high quality Olympic athletes vs. training high school athletes is much different. It’s much harder to make an impact with high quality Olympic athletes than with high school kids. MUCH HARDER!!! So, just by that I think that people should have respect for the guy. On a personal level … I don’t really care whether people like the guy or not. Should that come into play? NO!

Remember that s and c is only one part of the picture. A swim coach working with an athlete is doing everything. Also developing athletes must be a factor since producing and working with is FAR DIFFERENT. I worked in pro ball for two years but everyone was drafted and made from D 1 schools or the minors.

you say the 4th week is unloading, and that makes sense…however, maybe 3 weeks of loading are used only in general preparatuion…in spp seem a bit to long…also what does the 4th week look alike?
I think that for bobsledders maybe is better to use a format with circuits and medball on low intensity days instead of tempo…just my thoughts…

Does anybody know what he is doing right now or how one could get in touch with him?