Struck down by the common cold

The common cold or the flu can strike you at anytime - in the worst circumstances in the days surrounding competition.

Unfortunately this has happened to me… How much does having a cold decrease one’s performance? (strength/speed/endurance?) Should I just sit this one out? (100/200 combo tomorrow)

Is there a risk of post-viral fatigue syndrome if I run?!!

I’ve been getting plenty of Vit-C and will be going to bed early tonight.

Well when i play with a cold (used to get sick middle of my season), i usually feel very fatigued & sluggish, so youll probably under perform in the sprints, if you can get a product called Coryx (dont know what its called in your country) it does contain a form of ephedrine, but it usually pushes out the cold very quickly! It will be out of your system between 18 to 48 hours.

A cold is nothing to worry about but a flu will really mess you around.

One interesting thing is that you experience a performance increase in the time between contracting the cold and the appearance of symptoms.

Ever notice how you feel fantastic and get a performance boost just before coming down with something?