Strongman Training

What are everyone’s thoughts on this type of training? I know David Boston uses it with great success(not to say he isnt a bit on the side of a bodybuilder, but he is extremely fast, agile, and powerful).

Cut down on the upperbody volume as compared to a strong man athlete and cut back on sprint volume of a sprinter if u choose to go through a super strength phase.

they use high reps/sets at a heavy weights, could be possible to cut down the reps but still use high amounts of sets and also strongman exercises arent easy in themselves.

Its good training if you want to be a strongman.
Better to train like a sprinter if you want to run fast :slight_smile:

Strongman training involves a lot of event work. There isn’t one good strongman who doesn’t devote at least 50% or more of their training to develop the skills required for the sport.

The gym work is basic. Go to:

Click on the “BA’s Beertent and Keg Tossing” forum, and look at suggestions from National level strongman competitors on down to guys who do it because it’s fun.


If I had that much free time, I’d spend more of it practicing football skills rather than trying to find other ways to train!

I believe it is used to raise his GPP and work capacity.

It is low intensity work, so will not drain his CNS and will aid recovery.

Same principle as Tempo running.

Westside barbell like these extra workouts aswell, but, they tend to favour sled dragging.

Why he does this instead of tempo running, I do not know.

Numba, a former training partner of mine, at the last gym I trained at, was a national amateur champ @220. He utilzed a split that payed a lot of attention to event specific work in addition to gym lifts with strongman implements.

Just as there are many variations of strength training with barbells/dumbells, there are many variations to strongman training. Strongman training calls upon (i.e., limit strength, strength endurance, power endurance, LA tolerance, anaerobic endurance, etc.)

So if you are looking for ways to vary your training you will probably have greater success sticking closer to home, especially as you near the competitive season. If you are curious, I highly recommend that you get creative in the off season, where you have room to spare. Just remember that no matter what kind of strongman training variation you use, it will all strain the CNS to a high degree. So adjust the volume accordingly.

James Smith

Stick with dcw23’s advice.

Why the hell would you want to train like a strongman. You wanting to enter the World’s Strongest Man competetion :confused: ???..

Have you ever wondered why an elephant can’t jump but a squirrel can leap 6 feet in the air, Why Bruce Lee got in & out of range within a blink of an eye but you could see George Foreman coming from next week etc etc etc…

Have you ever seen Bruce Lee jump 8 feet in the air, his best squat was only around 120lbs and he had pigeon legs. These strongmen seem to be squatting 800lbs+ put couldn’t jump 2 feet in the air. Like he said, he was only interested in strength which would be converted to power.

All though I don’t know this for a fact, going by his vertical jump I think from standing start he would leave sprinters for dead in terms of acc IMO. I have never seen Bruce Lee sprint, but if his legs could move at the speed of his fists, then it would be game over to 20 metres.

punching/kicking speed arent related to sprinting speed, so dont even try to go with the argument that bruce lee could dust sprinters. Oh yeh RnR your new idol bruce lee lifted

Didn’t Bruce Lee bicep curl more than he squated? :huh:

By the look of his Biceps, I doubt it… I don’t think big bulky biceps would have helped his arm speed.

Can’t you be strong without being bulky?

I’ve seen tons of lean strong men out there…

exactly but he doesnt believe it

Yeah, I’m hoping someone with “authori-tey” comes in soon and states that:

“To get faster, you also have to get STRONGER.”

If you don’t have the structural/nervous system support, your body will slow you down to a speed that’s possible.

I said, I don’t think big bulky biceps would have helped his arm speed.

As you know, Bruce Lee was strong, but he was more powerful and of course he didn’t have any bulk. He registered a 600PSI punch which is up there with most heavyweight boxers.

To get faster, you have to be more powerful. I would rather train for power than absolute strength.

absolute strength is a contributor to power

I think Bruce squatted around 90kg more often than not. And that boy could jump. He wasn’t squatting 600lbs+.

I could squat 90Kg in my sleep, its very easy to explode that weight upwards. He would probably put his huge 8 feet mid air jump kicks down to squatting explosively with 90Kg than 600lbs+…