Strongest Olympic Squatter?

We’ve heard how much a powerlifter has squatted, (several over 1000 pounds), but what are the heaviest weights squatted by Olympic lifters? Was it a full squat, back squat, front squat, “athlete’s” squat, wide stance power style squat etc…, weight lifted and weight of the athlete lifting if you know.
I ask becuase I want some comparison between powerlifters and Oly lifters brute strength levals. Also, I don’t hear about Oly lifters including reverse hypers, glute-ham raises, bands and other favourite powerlifter assistance work. Throw in what u know, greatly appreciated.

Andy Bloom is a discus thrower, not an Olympic lifter, but I’m pretty sure he squats well over 700 pds.

Hossein R, Shane H, and Mark Henry all can oly squat 900. But keep in mind the best squatters are not necesssarily the best at the olympic lifts. Also, keep in mind these guys are genetic freaks and the very best in the world. They are full time athletes. These are all things the average powerlifter does not have in common.

However, you can’t discount the fact that Shane Hammond’s tremendous squatting prowess is one of the factors that got him where he is. Shane’s certainly among the strongest lifters on the planet, it’s just that he can’t put it together in the olympic lifts they way some of the others can, who have been doing it since they were much younger. Remember that Hammond started with the OLs after seeing them in the '96 Olympics. Mark Henry never got anywhere with them, though.

Comparisons between OL and powerlifters are misleading since

1-OL squat deeper and faster
2-PL use thicker belts, knee straps, and stiffer body suits. This stabilizes the core more and increases intramuscular pressure which allows for heavier lifts.

Taranenko (a man with a C&J of + 270 kg…) squatted 350 kg (ass on floor!) and a pause of 4" in the lower position

Taranenko also said he never maxed out on the squat.