Stretching the hamstrings

i have read that the hamstrings respond more powerfully when dynamically stretched instead of static stretching.

Does this mean that the hamstrings should very rarely be statically stretched?? Wjere does this leave PNF stretching?


That refers to before exercise. So dynamic before and static after.

To be TOO flexible in the hammies is a big ask so unless you’re doing your laces with your teeth I wouldn’t worry about it.

Stretching combos are the best way for me.

Everyone has their own individual needs. Do not determine your needs by listening to some random article. Sure static stretching decreases power output…if you do your power event within a few minutes of hard static stretching

In my warm ups I do a short static stretch in the major muscles, but only hold for 7-8 seconds which for me has been enough to prevent injuries and gives me the “flexibility feeling.” in the major muscles groups. The static stretch is done right after a light aerobic warm up though which is almost always jogging for me. Then I would do joint rotations and proceed to drills and strides then dynamic stretches and by then any loss in power output will be gone. I also dont believe holding a stretch for a moment will decrease power…holding for 30 seconds though certainly does in my experience.

Very good answer…

The majority of the people who tell you to avoid static stretching of the hamstrings in the warm-up:
1-Talk about stability of the pelvis with athletes who have anterior pelvic tilt
2-Look at research that have used extensive static stretching (30-60s) with uncontrolled intensity

Two of my past track partners always did some form of static stretching before every speed training.

1-light warm-up (400m jog)
2-light static stretching (usually not more than 10s)
3-skips (A, B etc)
4- light accel

This didn’t seem to affect their power output. One have a pb of 6.58/10.12 and the other 6.66.