stretching in the morning

hey everybody…

i am this kind of person who needs sth to do in the morning before school…

I like(because i have) to do some static streching in the morning while hearing some audio infos…

Do you think this could be bad in any case?
Especially after high intensity days i am (of course) sometimes stiff.
But could there be any diadvantage - maybe because of loosing muscle strain - for my workout in the evening.

Are there any times i should not do it?

pjb i think CF recommends doing so sometimes.if it works for you or it keeps you lose or allows you to feel or warm-up better then stick with it

and do you also know when he especially recommends to do so?

not sure but has been mentioned in the past

Are you doing static stretches on cold muscles?

Personally I like the idea of loosing up before the days starts. how are you doing static stretching in terms of duration, how far your stretching, and repetitions (ie. 30 seconds each area, 40 percent extension (which is when I start to feel the stretch), and doing that area 4 times).

pjb what is your main goal of this stretching? I am assuming that it is used to reduce tension when you mentioned it be used after a speed day.

This sounds familiar to microstretching since its being used a couple hours out of training (pre) and its main purpose is to reduce tension.

As static stretching is just another tool, it should be used when its needed. I would think a simple message, even just a rub down, would set things up better then a static stretching in this situation. Correct any loose ends if I missed something (missing or incorrect). Give me your thoughts.

I have to stretch first thing in the morning, but I’ve learned to like it. I either do movement prep/prehab lightly or AM Yoga with Rodney Yee. It’s ok to do it cold if you are smart about it and do it lightly. The more often you do it, the better you’ll feel

yes, i do it cold and i am holding it 1min.My physio said so.Or do you think 2x30" is better?

at the beginning, i extense just a little bit and then more an more.

  1. I wanna reduce tension(i have no access to a massage daily)
  2. I just wanna become more flexible, because i am stiff in general…i think this could help me , in terms of stride length for example.

As long as you play it safe, doing them cold shouldn’t be a problem. I would start easy and no more than 30s for the first couple of reps in order to avoid any injuries.

I also stretch in the morning, but not every day. I tend to do a small dynamic warmup (~2min) before starting any static stretch though.

I take a warm bath in the mourning… :smiley:
Used to stretch, but now I avoid stretching in the mourning (after rising from bed) because large contents of water in spine and great stress on ligaments and passive tissue in it! This last for about 2h, so I would really avoid spine bending/twisting/extention in the mourning if your spine health is your goal…
Hope I helped…

  • Resource: Mcgill, S. (2004). Ultimate back fitness and performance. Wabuno press.

i also feel very very stiff in the morning, but i think if i become more flexible at this time i am also more fleximble in general.
But sometimes i also do it in the evening, where it works much better.
its a matter of time…