stretching befor weight lifting?

ok i know what static stretching and dynamic stretching is, but i was told that static streaching will weeken u befor weight lifting and that u should do it when your not sore anymore so u dont rip your muscles anymore…

so is this true, should i only do dynamic stretching befor lifting and static after or somtime during recovery?

I wouldn’t necessarily do any stretching before lifting. Just make sure you do a good warmup (warmup sets with low weight).

I would always static stretch after training whether you’re sore or not.

i do some short dynamic stretches for about 2 or 3 minutes. And after weight wokout i am also doing the same.

In the evening before i go to bed i stretch 20 min static.

Actually, you can stretch antagonist of prime movers before lifting sets! For example hip flexors before squats…
But anyway, keep the warm-up more dynamic and use a lot of warm-up sets with progressive increase in weigth with small number of reps for each stage.

Muscles don’t have to be stretched to be torn. They usually come from a combination of a stretch and contraction simultaneously.

Also flexibility improves as blood flow increases and as weights require a limited range of motion there’s just no need to stretch.

Before lifting we only do joint rotations, the first couple of reps in your main workout serve as a warmup too.