Strength without weights.

How did Kim Collins, Carl Lewis and Bob Hayes get so fast without weights? What DID they do in it’s place. What did “Bullet” Bob do becuase his Era was before plyometrics became popular in the west. He certainly didn’t lift weights before joining the Dallas cowboys so how on God’s earth did he get so powerfull? Surely he didn’t just do sprints? Not only that but “restoratives” as some like to call them, were not the same as today.

I do not know for sure but I have a bunch of stuff written by Pavel, it is good bodyweight stuff, (one arm pushups, handstand pushup, pistols ect…) Also I once saw a book on Herschel Walker, he was a strong dude and he only did bodyweight kinds of training I think…push ups handstan pushups, squat jumps.

some people are just naturally gifted aka genetics

jack johnson for example was a boxer back in the day when they didnt even have weights but yet he had a POWERFUL punch.

they focus more on plyo’s and body weight exercises.