Strength training periodization.

Just wondering what how everyone periodizes their strength program.
I’ve been using the following for the last year, but I’m looking for something new for the next few months.
Week 1: 5 x 5
Week 2: 3 x 5, 3 x 4
Week 3: 5, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2
Repeat this for the next 3 weeks to make it a 6 week block. This is only
for Olympic and Core lifts.

jester, I do the 3-1-3 approach then maintain any gains.

Mind you using this my bench went from 115-125 when I was in the maintenance period after an initial improvement during the 3-1-3 period from 112 to 115.

I can vouch for its effectivness after years of being stuck on a measily 110kg bench and look forward to improving again over christmas :smiley:

sorry- within the 3-1-3 weeks I did 5x5 for the first three weeks, then 6x3 for the second three weeks and it has worked well.

In maintenance I went to 3x3 for 3 weeks and now I am at 3x2 with 3x1 next week.

I will then go back to strength for three weeks before maintaining again.

I Like to go…

Week 1: 5x5
Week 2: 6x3
Week 3: 5,4,3,2,1

Week 4:Max or 3x3

Week 5: 5x5
Week 6: 3x5 3x3
Week 7: Max or 3x3

My bench has gone up from 295 last spring to 315 this past week (3rd set not fresh) and last spring i weighed 148 pounds and i am not up to 152.

I like that much better in actual fact then mine :smiley:

Great post, will do that for my next 3-1-3!

hold up, I dont really like the idea of a max in week 4, its an unload week so 3x3 seems ok but depends on intensities.

Lower volume and intensity (along with increase in plyo and speed for the week).

I advocate keeping rep patterns relatively consistent and increasing relative intensity. That way volume remains constant and therefore does not fall below the threshold required to sustain functional gains.


What exercises are you performing during the 3-1-3 phase after your speed workouts?

This is my lifting program as of now…


Monday-Oly.Lift (Snatch or Clean)
1 legged Hypers w/25 lbs. Plate 4x12 each leg.

Tuesday-Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Tricep Pushdown/Extensions

Thusday-Pullups 4x12
DB Rows or Seated rows
Lat. Pulldowns (wide or close grip)
Bicep Curls (cable, preacher, concentration or DB)
Double leg Hypers w/25 lbs. Plate 4x15

Shoulder Press (seated with bar)
Side Raises
Front Raises


Monday-Olympic Lift (Snatch or Clean)
1 legged Hypers w/25 lbs. Plate 4x12 each leg

Tuesday-Bench Press
Incline Bench?
Shoulder Press (seated w/bar)
Side Raises
Front Raises

Wednesday-Pullups 4x12
DB or Seated Rows
Lat. Pulldowns (close or wide grip)
Bicep Curls (cable, preacher, concentration or DB)
Hypers Double leg w/25 lbs. Plate

The max strength specifics apply to bench, squat, shoulder press.

Quik - what do you do differently during GPP/SPP?

Nothing. I lift all year long so i feel no need for a general prep phase in the weightroom for me. I been lifting since i been in 9th grade and up until last year when i changed my program and dropped half my lifts my strength has skyrocketed and i am able to maintain my muscle mass.

Ok. But do you unload and/or restart when track training starts up again, or just keep going with whatever you were doing in the off-season? I would think you’d want to reload at sometime before jumping back into track work while still doing heavy weights.

Yea i think its safe to say i go a little lighter and cut the volume when i start track training for the year. Simply becasue i am drained becasue of the new workload.