Strength Training Periodization

I had a question about how to periodize my weightlifting. Maybe you guys can help. Here is what I was thinking based on an article I read:

AA Phase:
4 weeks
Circuit training 3x/week
10 reps week 1, 12 week 2, 15 week 3, 10 week 4
Sets - 2-3 circuits/session

Hypertrophy: (beginning of GPP)
8 weeks
Heavy weight 3x/week
Reps start off at 8 for non-OL exercises (start off at 5 and work down to 2 while sets/weight go up). Reps go up to 10 before sets/weights go up.

Pure strength:
8 weeks
Heavy weights 3x/week
Reps range from 5-8 for non-OL exercises. Same as hypertrophy for OL’s.
4-6 sets

This will take me through the end of the GPP (12 weeks) and into the pre-comp. phase.

Maximum Strength Phase:
Approx. 6 weeks
3 heavy weight sessions
Reps go from 3-6 for all exercises including OL (never over 5)
4-6 sets

This will put me to the end of the biggest indoor meet. It will taper down to 2x/week the week before the meet.

After the big indoor meet I will have a 4-week cycle of maintenance training to adjust, test, and get ready to achieve outdoor goals in June/July.

During the maintenance phase (all 4 weeks) It will be 2-4x3-10 for all exercises besides OL’s. Those will probably be 3-6x2-5.

I do a 3-1 cycle of 3 loading weeks (easy,medium, hard) and 1 unloading week (testing/recycling, preparing for next micro). The weights will follow the same format except I will simply drop the weights the 4th week. I am only going to max out during the end of the AA phase to prepare for GPP and again during the maintenance phase to prepare for outdoor. Once the outdoor season starts I will begin this over again tailored to help me meet my peak at the right time.

ALL help is welcome with open ears. Any little thing you see that can be changed, let me know. Thanks for all the help. :wink:

Sounds ok. But Charlie’s approach is a little different. His athletes had four to six lifts which were considered priority lifts. Say you had six main lifts. Of course you will have other lifts which arent given proirity. Say hamstring curls ect ect.

Using six main lifts or priority lifts. It would be broken down into the following.

Three powerlifting exercises (year round trained ballistically/explosively with 3-5 minutes rest inbetween sets)
Reps 0-6
Sets 0-6

3 strenght training excercises also known as ancillary exercises
(year round using 1:30 to 3 minutes rest between sets)
Reps 8-12
Sets 3

Check out the old archives it gives a total number of lifts you should do above 80% during the main build up phase, comp phase ect. Then how to cut it back during the competions.

Example: 6 Main Lifts

Three powerliting exercises

Three Axcillary Lifts
Front Press,Military,Incline

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Check this link out 400stud its gives the amount of strength training per phase!!!

This link doesn’t work, anyone know where the info about the reps can be found?

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“This link doesn’t work, anyone know where the info about the reps can be found?”

I am interested on the set/rep scheme to be used with this and how it should be periodized.