Strength training from when to when

I am a sprinter and i am trying to give a attempt at running 10.1 next season. I started seriously track training in march. My first meet of the season was at the end of May in which i ran 10.86. I have dropped my times at practice each week. ( i also train alone) When i first started running timed 100 meters during my practices i was running 11.2-11.0. this was in april. I am now down to 10.43 at practice. I would like to run atleast 10.50 electronic by the end of my season ( my last meet is june 23rd) I plan to start strength training in july. How many months should i continue to strengh train into the season. My outdoor season will start next March. How far into the season should i hit the wweights and when should i start to taper off. Thx.