Strength training for young sprinters (14-16yrs

I have a few ideas of my own, however, I thought I should ask the masses. How would members approach strength training for athletes of that age…if at all?


look at the physical maturity of the child. some 15 years olds can be less mature than others.

Also when they are just beginning stick to higher reps, compound movements, total body work out, be anal about form.

I start them off with emphasis purely on technique.

I also use low reps (around 5). So they can do the lift and not fatigue when learning new techniques. Mostly 2 set sometimes 3 on main lifts.

We try and keep the weight around a 10rm for this. Sooner be conservative early to get to know athlete.

Start with Bench Press, Row/Pulldown and Squat movement.

Teaching pattern for squat

  1. Squat holding bar for support out in front.
  2. Squat arms in front
  3. Squat arms on head
  4. Introduce bar

Each step requires me to be reasonably happy with technique. I use some cues - such as sitting on toilet bowl.

Most people lead with knees.

Some athletes take weeks, I have only ever had one get onto squating with weight on bar in one session, most around 3-4 sessions.

It seems to work for me. But than again I tell my throwers to think that they are going to headbutt and slap somebody taller then them when throwing.

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