Strength Training for Distance Runners?

Right now I am running middle distance events (800,1600,3200), and am training WSB style, with core workouts instead of overall lower body workouts(to prevent overtraining). Should I change anything?

The only thing is, the fewer reps you do, the less size you gain, so if I just did singles, I could get pretty strong, without getting very big.

I would think they would strength train the same as a sprinter,but I’m not an expert.

Check out The Specificity Spectrum (Central Drive2) ( ). It may give you some ideas.

So, he used incredibly light weights for high reps?

I think Low reps heavy weight would be better because in the weightroom your trying to strenthing the body as much as possible.

I remember Dr Zatsiorsky writing that if the force required to produce a given movement demands less than 20-25% of the athlete’s maximum strength (such as the force applied to the ground during middle distance running), then heavy weight training is of little or no value.

i’d have to lean towards using heavier weights.

charlie has said you can’t come close to matching the speed on the track by trying to lift faster.
so my thinking with distance runers is why bother with high reps ( you can’t equal what will happen on the track or road)?
why not strengthen the muscles so each stride the muscle will use a lower precentage of its capacity. something of a strength reserve.
hope that made sense. thoughts?

Sebastian Coe, 1min41secs 800m, 2nd fastest ever, apparently lifted “heavy weights” though you wouldn’t think it to look at him. I don’t see the point of any track & field athlete doing high rep weights unless done explosively, and even then it would have to be a jumping movement. I wouldn’t worry much about the weights though, play around with a few exercises, good technique and lift more than bodyweight in squats if you decide to do them. Some people become more concerned with their gym work than there track/field work. For a sprinter that’s bad enough but for a middle distance runner it would be crippling. Just my 2cents