Strength Pr Thread...

How strong are some of the guys here compared to their body weight???
Body weight, 81kg or 178.2lbs
Bench 100kg x 15reps
120kg x 4
Deadlift 100kg x 5
Roman SLDL 100kg x 5 (plenty in reserve)
Tricep Push Downs 75kg x 5

Just starting a strength phase after a long higher rep phase.

weight 73kg
bench press 140kg
45degree leg press 330kg

Body Weight 92kgs
1RM Power Clean 95kgs
1RM Deadlift 140kgs
1RM Squat 150kgs
1RM Bench Press 117.5kgs

it would be nice to see (for the sprinters) what pr times you have

Weight - 72.5 kg 160lbs
Bench - 136 kg 300lbs
Deadlift - 175 kg 385lbs
Power Clean - 109 kg 240lbs
Squat parallel - 159 kg 350lbs
Vertical Jump - 91.5 cm 36in
Broad Jump - 3.13 m 10’3

55m - 6.67FAT
100m - 11.29FAT
LJ - 22’1
TJ - 42’1

bw- 200
lifts from the past two weeks
bench- 325x6
squat- 605x 10
front squat 455x7
pc 335x 5
standing lj- 11’7"
60m- 7.07

weight: 75kg
bench: 70kg
squat parallel: 3*85kg (never went to max)
100m: 11.05
200m: 22.32

lifting has never been a major part of my training

40kg x 5reps each arm, One arm rows.

Maybe it should be …

Maybe you should post your stats and be less critical of other people’s?!

u have a lot of guts to post your stats after ACBarchJr i know i ‘was’ gunna post mine until i saw his post…lol

6’1" 195lbs
squat- 375
ATG squat- 315ish
DL- 455
BP- 265x3 (was stuck at 250ish for 3 years until just recently)

Now: Retired and injured

Height: 6 feet
Weight: 205lbs
Bench: 225lbs x 1
Squat: 225lbs x 4
Power Clean: Are you kidding?

Then: Healthy and competing

Weight: 185lbs
Bench: 275lbs x 1
Squat: 160Kg x 2?
Power Clean: 105kg x 1

60m: 7.09
100m: 11.33
200m: 22.68
300m: 35.97
400m: 49 high (relay split)

:slight_smile: now where are yours after you’ve seen mine :stuck_out_tongue:

and for seanjos:

maybe it should be…
or maybe I like it this way…

Fasuba’s weight program can’t be compared to ‘normal pro 100m runners weight programs’ from what i’ve read from PJ’s posts. Are you gonna say the same to PJ? (I’m not comparing myself with Fasuba) I like the way that i’m training atm and I think that’s the most important thing.

5’10" 175lbs. weight constant for the last few yrs
30m - 4s
100m - ?? prob about 13s though

my best 1rms are
PC - 110kg
Back squat - 170kg
F squat - 140kg
Push press + OH squat - 100kg
snatch 60kg
c&j 100kg
bench - 115kg
cant think of any others. i only ever do PC though these days out of all those lifts

Weight: 158-160lbs

Best-Ever Weightlifting PBs (not near this right now because I’m just starting back up training)
Full Squat: 295lbs
Bench: 215lbs
Power Clean: 3x235lbs (never went for single)

Weight: 178-180 lbs. (Fluctuates)

Bench Press: 285 lbs.
Squat: 445 lbs.
Hang Clean: 250 lbs.
Deadlift: 390 lbs.

EDIT on 7/16/06

Bench: 295
Squat: 445
Hang Clean: 265
Deadlift: 425
Bodyweight: ~183-184

Pec Deck machine
3 sets of 5 reps, 100kg.
Bent over Laterals
3 sets of 5 reps, 17.5kg

And your stats? I want to see the results of HIT…

Come on seanjos, where are your stats???