Strength increase question

Had a question about increasing my strength. I wanted to increase my squat (full), bench, Power cleans, and snatch.

Here are the numbers I want:

Sq.= 405

I wanted to be at this level by Jan 2004

These are my current numbers: *all wieght is in pounds


What I wanted to do is start doing 30% of my goals now. At high reps.

Cleans= 76
snatch= 56

*all @ 20-30 reps.

After a few weeks of this I wanted to go to 40% then 50 then 60% in November when GPP starts (6 weeks to Nov- mid december). My question was am I totally off with my plan? Will all this high rep stuff make be slow? or should stick to something more conventional like doing 15 reps and when it gets too easy just add more wieght for now until I start doing more power related routines (e.g. 80-90% at med to low reps). Or am I just talking CRAZY :slight_smile:



You won’t achieve those gains in 4 months.

To improve strength keep reps <6 (<3 for Olympic lifts) and do not lift within 5% of the repetition maximum (i.e.3RM, 5RM) unless it is a test.

Should I keep things around 80-85% for now?


Your best bet for increasing strength (as David says) is to keep the reps low and the sets high. Don’t go to failure. Work under a 3-1-3 regime and vary the intensity based on that (from about 80% 1RM up to 100% in the final week.)

Good luck!

Cool thanks! Also I have a training sched. for GPP in the training journal. I wanted to get the weights in the morning before speed work. Let me know what you guys think.

You probably won’t be able to acheive all of those goals in 4 months, but you can make a substantial amount of progress if you have a good planned out approach.

Here is a possiblility
critique it, please

Month One
4 workouts a week
workout 1
-external rotation exercise 4 x 8-10
-deadlift from floor 4 x 5-7
pause at bottom of each rep
-shoulder press 4 x 6-8
workout 2
-cleans 4 x 3-5
-pullups 4 x 8-10

month two
2 workouts a week
workout 1
-cleans from mid thigh 6 x 2-3
-bench press 6 x 4
only increase weight when you can complete 20 of the 24 possible reps ie. 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2
workout 2
-snatch from mid thigh 6 x 2-3
-squats 6 x 7-9

month three
4 workouts a week
workout 1
-cleans from blocks 3 x 3-4
-squats 5 x 5

workout 2
-bench 2 sets of 7-5-3 waveloading (6 sets, reps 7,5,3,7,5,3)
-external rotation 2 x 8-10
-squats 3 x 5

month four
2 workouts
workout 1
-cleans from floor 8 x 2
-bench 5 sets of 5 clusters (pick a weight you can handle for about 2 reps, bench it once, rack it for 10-15 seconds, bench it again, rack it, bench it again, etc. until 5 reps have been completed, that is one set. on the first and second workouts, use 3 and 4 clusters respectively)
workout 2
-snatch from floor 8 x 1
-squat 8 x 3-4

We need more info. Are you only concerned with those lifts, or are training something else and wanting to increase the lifts too?

Here’s a good site with good info on the power lifts(and some other stuff too):