Strength in-between meets

With 2 100m races, ( heat and final), 4 days between them, I wanted to provide A retaining/stimulating weight session.
Today race was quite fast, and I wanted to move like this.
tomorrow: trip back, rest sauna /contrast
friday: warm up
sat: trip + warm up at track and some starts
Sun: race
Weights…supposed to do something on friday.( 1/4 squats and bench)
Last weight session had been las sat, so I do not want to rest too much, since main event of the year is still 23 days from here, and since we are not in taper phase, I feel this could be an option.
I feel positive also resting completely on thur, and sat, but , since we missed a month and a half do to gastrointestinal problems, I do not want to stay away from weights too long.
A sat stimulating session could be an option also, but dependent on meet facilities.

Hi, tried a 2 day before stimulation/retaining…1/4 squat and bench…great results…10,45 and 10,41, unfortunately 2,3 and 2,6 wind…but…for sure worth at least 10"47 in regular condition…if not less…