Strength Endurance

I was wondering if using high repetitions with weights is necessary for training strength endurance? For instance hamstrings respond well to reps in the 4-6 range as they are primarily fast twitch fibre.

Is it worthwhile training such muscle groups in the legs for strength endurance using weights for 12+ reps except maybe for some ‘anatomical adaptation’? Can the necessary strength endurance be trained through performing tempo runs, running As and speed endurance runs?

Or from another perspective, will strength endurance be increased by increasing absolute strength of the muscles through hypertrophy and maximal strength training?

We’ve covered this topic previously. I wouldn’t address SE issues with weights exercises but additional strength will lead to strength reserve and, if done properly, speed reserve.

That’s the way I think of it too, a greater 100% equals a greater 90% under fatigue. If one trains himself to repeatedly be at 100% performance and lift his 8 rep max (for example) x10 sets, while one trains himself to increase the weight of his 8 rep max, he may not be able to do it after 3-4 sets, but after a while he will be equal to the guy who could 10x8 when his weight drops down due to fatigue, plus he has a better max.