Strength Endurance in Short to Long

Can anyone please further define Strength endurance as noted in the short to long progression in phase I of the seminar graphs and dvds. Unfortunately, my dvd consistently freezes when this topic is brought up.

Strength endurance is listed as 4x30, 5x30 etc in the short to long phase or 3-4x30 and 60,60 in the long to short phase.

I’ve done a search and found some conflicting definitions, would the A-B skips fit into the strength endurance category? If so, can anyone be kind enough to really define what they use and recommend in the A-B skips.


i done running A’s for 3x60-80m/complete recovery…

Running As done at a slow walking pace forward for the distances shown. Usually, the coach walks the pace so that no-one passes him to finish the drill sooner- Tough Stuff!

Charlie, so this really is much different than “running” A’s correct?
No hop between so hips are much lower?

It’s the exact same drill, as seen on the GPP DVD and elsewhere (hips are never low!) except carried out over an extended duration- far longer than with the power speed type runing As usually seen, requiring great staying power. Sometimes Strength Endurance can go as far as 200m, which takes about 4 minutes!

Are strength endurance drills used on high intensity days, following the sprint work? If a 400m runner wanted to use these, would the distance be extended out even longer?? Sounds very tough, even at 60-80m…

They’re done last thing in the workout, obviously, best when there’s a day off after, ie Sat with Sun off.

Thanks Charlie, I’ll review the GPP dvd for the form!

So a walking A would be hips high so you’d be on the balls of your feel the whole time with good posture just no hop/skip involved?

yep just like running a’s

You misunderstand, I think. The athlete(s) are doing running As but the coach is walking slowly beside them to ensure that they don’t pass him and go forward too fast to get the drill over with!

Very similar to an activity that Charlie was doing in the Jane Project DVD.

Could I have a description of this by someone?

ok i gotcha~!
And the distances commonly use are 100-200 meters? And how logn should this take?


work on 30 secs per 50m segment for this exercise or thereabouts…


start around 60-80 and gradually add…

I like to descirbe the running A’s pace as 8 steps per metre for the A’s

Power Speed is drills over a short duration/number of steps, bounds etc.
I think you have the GPP DVD. the drills are there.

OK, I see!!
Thanks, Charlie!

You’ve got to keep perfect form to get the most out of it. I strongly doubt most athletes can start with 60 to 80m and keep form.
On the Vanc 2004 DVD, you can see the layout for two different approaches to SPP- Short-to-Long and Long-to-Short.
On these charts, you can see the appropriate amounts of Strength Endurance- BUT these charts are for developed athletes, as you can see from the speed volumes.