How much time should I add on? I press start a millisecond before I start moving. This is from a 3 point start. I press start when my fingers are still on the track surface. I’d say I end up pressing stop usually about a half meter or meter before the finish line as I anticipate the line rather than wait for it.

I don’t have to reach over as I press with the thumb on the hand that is carrying the watch. I’ve been adding 0.24 secs to my times.

I would say not to be too concerned about adding on time etc as long as you are timing consistently. This means that you will always have ameasure for your improvement. As for comparisons for races, then when you do race you can equate what you have been doing in training up to that poit and look at the difference there.

I am generally .2- .3 faster from a 3 point start than a race over 100m or less if that helps! I aklso start my 3 points with my toe behind that start line meaning my hand touches the track infront of the start giving an extra metre or so.

If you can get a consistent coach to time you, then the Casio Speed trainer watches, which were out some time ago, are brilliant for timing yourself and have a countdown before they beep to start the stopwatch for you so there no cheating!