Stimulation techniques for throwers

We know that sprinters and jumpers can use the bench press to help stimulate their nervous system in a positive manner prior to a competition, I was wondering what movements or therapy methods that may help produce the same effect but for throwers that utilize heavily on both upper and lower body musculature to optimally throw.

I had in mind using the squat 7-8 days out, then possibly medicine ball throws 3 days out. I’m having a hard time getting a rough day the coach plans on throwing them last before the competition. Please feel free to give your opinion, or methods you may have used, or know about.

Thanks in advance.

As a general rule, throwers keep lifting closer in to the competition because the resultant muscle pump helps with the leverage. I’d hesitate to give an exact formula but it would be a bit closer to the event than for the sprints.
I saw Udo Beyer do a couple of sets of very shallow squats (quarter at most) with 900lbs the day before he set the WR in 1983

I thought I’d posted before but it must have dissappeared. According to Mike Stone some shot putters are doing 2 sets of 2 reps clean (80%) directly before they go out to throw in competition these days. The idea is potentiation.

I don’t know if this is correct but this is what I have been told.


He has claimed the same for Donovan Bailey; he backs up his data mainly from the weight room -although I am not aware of the whole of his work.

When I asked him if these results are transferrable to others sports (apart from weightlifting), he said the sample and the results were good enough to believe so.
When I asked him about possible problems that might follow on the track after such work -especially at the highest level- he claimed that if it has worked for D. Bailey, it must be good.

Not convinced, but on this topic…

From what I know many Finnish javelin throwers use a stimulation weights session the day before a competition (or even in the morning of an afternoon comp). Using something similar to what Charlie referred to.

E.g. the program of Kimmo Kinnunen leading to Tokio in -91 was:
Day 5: speed + javelin (25 throws)
Day 4: weights
Day 3: speed + weights
Day 2: javelin (15)
Day 1: weights
Day 0: Gold medal (90.82m)