Tuesday, Jan.4th, 2011.

Traumatic lactic acid experience today, at 2 degree weather :eek: I’ve felt the lactic feeling before, of course, but not so intense, and never with such increasing intensity as time went on, once stopped running :eek: !
I think it was too cold, and normally today should have been tempo, but Monday-Tuesday is always like this for my training partner, and I wanted to join along.

15min warm up
dynamic stretching

  • 2 x 20m A skips

  • 2 x 20m B skips

  • 2 x 80m strides (grass) trainers

  • 2 x 80m strides (track) spikes

  • 300m @48", rest 8’

  • 300m @47.5", rest 9’

  • 300m @49.5" >> very very bad feeling; took 25’ to recover from pain; I felt pretty worthless (well, almost), as my training partner looked much more comfortable, and he also did a 4th one (@39-40")

p.s. 3 hrs later (ouch)


  • 25min hamstrings active recovery
  • 25min calves active recovery

Wednesday, Jan. 5th, 2011

  • 20min warm up run

  • long stretch

  • 3 x 30m A skips

  • 3 x 30m running A’s

  • 3 x 30m scissor kicks

short tempo (indoors)

  • 10 x 100m (rather fast, with a bit longer rests than 50m walk)


  • 2 x 10 lateral pull downs
  • 2 x 10 chin downs
  • 3 x 12 dips
  • 3 x 15 hip raises with swiss ball
  • abs in between and after

impressive! :cool: what period was that over? :confused:

we have those same HJ pads at my club, not the most comfortable for front landing :o

would appreciate your thoughts re EMS options at

how is the breathing issue now?

Hi John!
I haven’t had any problems breathing here. I think it’s generally colder in Milan, or I do more longer runs there and feelt it more.

About the EMS, the three things I can offer are:

  • make sure you can cover both legs/arms with each session, otherwise you will soon get tired of the time consumption (just guessing)
  • make sure the intensity goes high enough (mA); I think the ideal is 120-150mA? Correct me if I’m wrong (for strengthening purposes)
  • make sure you can create a manual program for the ideal protocol that Charlie suggests (my Compex Performance doesn’t have this)

Silencer is good with choosing these things… I would pm him.

Thursday, Jan. 6th, 2011

  • 20min easy run

  • 8 x 100 stairs (single-double-single-double-etc)

Here are my stairs :):

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do you try 3 steps

I’ve tried, but then I’m stepping up front rather than underneath the body, and knee lift becomes too exaggerated, so not a good idea.

I’ve only started to read your journal and it makes great reading. I like the way you express your emotions and the way certain songs inspire you. Ive found your EMS posts very helpful.Keep up the good work.

Τhanks! This is a good reminder to get back to my EMS again, because I’ve noticed that without it these past 2 weeks, I feel a bit ‘flat’. Or maybe I’m tired. Who knows =)

Sorry John the above is supposed to be Volts. I think. Whatever measures the wave frequency, should reach 120-150 (i think it’s Volts); basically , I’m confused with units.

that’s a lot of stairs!

Thanks re the EMS info I ordered a

Yes, don’t they look great? :slight_smile:

Let us know how you like your new EMS when you receive it !! I was so excited when I got it that I was using it for 4 hours each day… and I tried it just about on every muscle :stuck_out_tongue:

Friday, Jan. 7th, 2011

My back hurts today… damn deadlifts.
Since I also have some shin irritation, I only did a 4 lap warm up and called it a day.

I’m drawing a sceleton now.

I was debating earlier this month whether or not I want to run indoors this year. I came to the conclusion that my consideration towards running, is due to the fact that I might once again be shown on tv, as last year, which was was kinda cool :o Just the right kind of motivation :rolleyes:

Ughh… .lower backkkk…

Going to Milan on Wednesday, for one week.

Good enough reason for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Will these skeletons be running around?


Νοt quite, I’ll post one here tomorrow I think !! :slight_smile:

Today was a good day, overall… :slight_smile:

Saturday, Jan.9th, 2011

  • 15min run

  • some drills

  • 5 x 150m hills (ouch) slowww walk back recoveries

here’s my hill :o (it’s a real TOUGHIE…).
I know one might comment on the asphalt surface, but I really have no problem with it. I have problems with other things, but not this wonderful hill !! :slight_smile:

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[i]Brief notes:

  • This has been a very diffucult week, with family matters.

  • Training-wise, I came to the conclusion that perhaps training with a bunch of people who all are watched by meticulous coaches’ eyes, creates feelings of envy. But regardless of how much I hate my solo Milan-training sometimes (and this comees to mind because I’m travelling there again soon), I also enjoyed my solitary hill session today, and felt free as a bird, while accomplishing something higher than what the average club-athlete does. My task is more difficult, and demands more respect, in the end… Not that I expect it, but deep down I know.

  • I think my middle sister is the best person on planet earth, and I wish the best for her with all my heart, but life never gives her all that she deserves, and that is frustrating to me.

  • Parents are very frustrating also, sometimes. To the point of wonder.

  • I got engaged today! I feel really peaceful and happy about it. I’m not the most stable personality when it comes to feelings of devotion and ‘eternal love’, but I have come to understand things better, and I’ve found that when you give your best to someone, it rebounds right back. There’s no better means of self-improvement and self-balance… really. And I do love Dejan. :o

  • I accepted an apology today by a person who hardly ever apologizes to anyone (my mom) and that felt …hm, nice and relieving? But it felt uneasy and bad at the same time, because I understand that she felt regret and guilt about what she did that made her apologize… And I don’t like the feeling of knowing that my mom feels so bad about something… even though she apologizes… Love is a strange and complicated matter, afterall.

  • But it’s a good day, afterall… [/i]

Just over a week in and already probably what will be your understatement of the year :rolleyes:

CONGRATS on the engagement,:cool:can’t say I’m hugely surprised as you and Dejan appear to have been very content for a while :slight_smile:

I actually meant that seems a lot of foot contacts assuming you do
4 x single =400
4 x double = 200

5 x 150m hills with walkback :o

What do you mean creates feelings of envy :confused:

Congrats again :cool:

I would say about 3 or 4 weeks of 2-4 sessions a week. I went from 8.5 feet to just over 9 feet. I hit mostly my quads glutes and low back. I have not built up the courage for hamstrings yet. for quads (with legs straight) I can go up to 55miliamps up to 75 on glutes (in a sitting position) and upto 50mA on erectors (in a sitting position).

Hurts like hell… but it does work. The effects fade quickly if you stop using it for a few weeks.

Thanks John :o

Perhaps stairs sound like a lot, but I feel good improvement of form when I transfer myself on the track!

What I meant by “feelings of envy”, was that I get jealous when I see athletes of my level being coached every day. I want the same, but can hardly have it, due to my constant moving around.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention CONGRATS Stephanie. All the best.

Congratulations, Stef! :slight_smile:

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Monday, Jan.10th, 2011


  • 15min warm up

  • static stretching/dynamic

  • 3 x 30m A skips

  • 3 x 30m B skips

  • 2 x 30m running As

  • 1 x 40m scissor kicks

  • 3 x 30m low Charlie skips

  • 2 x 70m strides

  • 7 x 60m sprints (about 8’ recoveries)


  • 3 x 10 lateral pull downs
  • 3 x 10 chin downs
  • 3 x 10 three-way shoulder raises
  • 3 x 25each donkey kicks
  • 3 x 25each fire hydrants
  • 4 x 15 hip raises w/swiss ball
  • numerous abs
  • 3 x 10-8-8 leg curls