Steepness of Hills in GPP

I just received my GPP DVD, it’s great, lots of good info and demonstrations. In DVD it does not mention how steep the hills should be. Since the departure angle out of the blocks should be 45 to 60 degrees I believe, how steep should the hills be?

10-15 degrees. Pick a hill that you can sprint fast. Do not pick a hill that is too steep or to hard to maintain speed.

I know this is probably stupid, but can somebody take a look at this hill and tell me if it is steep enough? The picture is of a park in my neighborhood (20 seconds away) and the hill is beyond where the people are standing, above the grayish ground in the background. It starts behind the lady’s head and increased up above the car in the back. I plan on using this for the sprints on the GPP dvd. This is not me or my family in the picture, i dont know who it is.

NOTE: It is kind of hard to tell from the pic, but there is a hill/road starting from behind the ladies head. The hill progresses from the far right of the picture to the top left. I am NOT talking about the grayish hill that goes from the bottom of the picture to the top. The hill spans the entire picture from behind the ladies head to the top corner.

To hard to tell. They always look steeper from far away. But I did a little geometry and I figured out that a 100ft long hill @ 15 degrees is about 15 feet high or something like that. So stand at the bottom of the hill and kind of eyeball it. Oh btw, home depot sells a compass/level thing for like $7. Its round with a thing in the middle that measures angles when you tilt it. I have some steep hills by me and I can tell you first hand more steepness is not better. So you have to be able to sprint up the hill fast to get the effect of running on a hill.

If you need the name and brand of the measuring tool let me know.

hope that helps…

I used to do hills work into 2 different ramps,
so, the first ramp, i believe is more than 30 degrees inclined 10m long ( 2x4x10m ) second one is a much more long ramp, about 15 degrees inclined where i do 20m, 30, 40 and sometimes 50m shots.
It´s hard to see where is the ramp you talk about, just what i saw was ( haha reversed words sorry…) 2 “skater kids” and a nice blond girl.