Staying Relaxed

Ok, I hear a lot about staying relaxed. Does that mean to keep a lot of your muscles in your body relaxed? Could someone elaborate exactly what being relaxed should be like? It just seems that if you relax your muscles a lot, you wouldn’t go as fast. I’m not against staying somewhat relaxed, but totally relaxed? I dont exactly get it, could someone please expalin the meaning to me? Also I run the 400m and 200m, so how would relaxing relate to those two things? Thanks for any help.

You want your muscles realxed so you are not fighting against yourself. It should feel like a fast tempo run where you are focusing on form. Your upper body should be loose. Your legs of course have to be tense to run but you want everyting to flow and not be forced. Hope that helps.

I try to focus on relaxation in my core and lower back while trying to move my shins quickly. I also find it useful to focus on long strides.