Static Stretches

I know you should do them after working out, and thats when i do them. My question concerns as to whether they should be done immediately/soon after working out or if they can be done much later? I have been doing the latter and finding that I feel much looser the next day and after stretching this way.

i would wait 2-3hrs post workout.

I do static stretches as apart of the warmdown after practice and then 2-3 hours later. If I cant do it 2 -3 hours later at least before bed. I have always had poor flexibility and the microstretching after helped a lot. But just as the website says though dont be aggresive and hold for 60 seconds.

after 2-4 hours. After low int work i do them sometimes immediatly after

great info guys, my question really concerned the safety of doing stretches after one had cooled down so much? i read an article by clemson that putting the muscle under such stress while cold can cause micro tears, leading to adhesions and scar tissue. perhaps i misunderstood or am overreacting?

I have a friend who suffers from lack of flexibility and he had great results from using a sauna after weights sessions to stretch out when the muscles were at their warmest. I have not had access to a sauna after weights to try this but I have had good results from just a hot bath and stretching before bed 2 - 3 times per week then 1-2 times per week after 6 weeks once the flexibility is established. Dont go overboard though because often athletes ballistic flexibility is more than sufficient for their event. Be patient.

I remember Charlie saying that the best time to stretch (to increase ROM) was straight after the workout?

The best time to stretch is right after a workout as you are the most warmed up by then.

With the microstretching, microtears are a concern that is why you do not go aggressive, you would not feel anything in the muscle. It basically feels like your not stretching, but it is working.

Sauna stretching is also wicked just make sure youre hydrated.