starts critque

here is me doing some 3 point starts. what do you think are areas i need to work on? i think my 2nd 3rd and 4th step are rather short and then start to get bigger?

Those steps will tend to be shorter anyway but you may be losing power by trying to pull your knees through instead of letting them move through naturally. It’s very hard to tell in the dark with sweats on but I’m guessing because you seem to come upright fairly quickly. Don’t try to force anything and see if there’s a difference.

i will be going down to lee valley in the next couple of days so i will get some footage again then possibly out of blocks if our coach thinks we’re ready. do you think it could be i am trying to go for speed rather than power which could make my steps choppy?

i have this videos in slow motion now aswell to help with analysis.

Not sure if I am seeing this properly (my PC monitor is messed up) but it looks like you might need some quad flexibility? On the last slow mo video it looks like your legs are not folding enough to let your knees come up naturally… Looking at this last vid frame by frame, I think more quad flexibility and glute strength… Just a suggestion…

As an experiment, trial through your 1st 2-3 steps driving your elbow forward a fraction more.

i recently pulled my hamstring nothing to major i was out for about 10-14 days but my physio did say this may have been due to my quad flexibility.

Is that other guy in the video faster than you? It kinda looks like “run from the back” LOL Like CF posted above you can force knee lift to happen. It has to happen on its own. If you force it you will be fighting against yourself.

Forget “spee” and “Power” and just go.

yes he is he ran 10.8 at the start of last season but then got injured so missed the final half of the season. my p.b last year was 11.57, but i think i have improved a considerable amount since then.

Look at your last slow mo video. See how his calf comes closer to his hamstrings and he kinda pushes his whole thigh foward. Your leg stays more open and your thigh just drops down… 2 things he has over you flexibility and power…

so by improving my quad flexibility and hip flexor strength this should improve my cycle motion more? yes he is taller than me im 5, 7 he is 5ft 10 and has rather long legs as you can see from his stride so i expect him to have more power than me , is there any way i can improve this other than weights and plyos? power has always been lacking for me in my opinion !

your partners leg folding/knee lift is a result of quad flexibility. If I were you I would work on quad/hip flexor flexibility and glute/hamstring development… Do not work directly for hipflexor strength… You will get this by doing ab work… For power get some of CFs DVDs there is a ton of good stuff there… OR look in the other parts of the forums either way you wont be disappointed…