starting stances

what i was wondering about, is when i do speed endurance runs greater then 80m with a crouched start (3pt, 4pt) the times are slower or seemed to feel like more effort is put into it because of the accel phase. However doing standing starts i feel faster and run faster on runs greater then 80m. What does this signify, better angle departure, or i dont generate enough power like in a crouched stance, and this allows me to put more effort in the longer distances?

I really don’t know. I could only suggest your 3 or 4 point start posture causes you to drive out very inefficiently, therefore using more energy earlier in the rep. This may not be highlighted in the shorter reps, but come the longer ones like you mention, the fact you have depleted energy stores may be highlighted later on. Not very scientific I know, but you catch my drift!

From what I have read on this site, Charlie reccommends using a standing start for the majority of longer reps for the very reason you stated - the fatigue issue.

Yes. You don’t have to raise your C/G as much.