Starting again after calf injury..Charlie, others please critique?

Hi Charlie/everybody,

I’ve just entered week 7 since a grade 2 calf tear (in between insertion of soleus/gastroc).

At a bit of a crossroads:- before my tear, I had run 2 weeks of PR’s (60m HH-6.60, 100m El- 10.80), so was basically in the best form of my life. I am shaping up for a series of races during Jan, Feb, March, so have approx. 20 weeks maximum to find the form that I had.

Where am I going with this? My volumes were reasonable, and at the moment I am in week 3 of running again (Tempo). At only 50-60%, so not very intense tempo. My query is ; do I need to revert back to “starting GPP from scratch”, and if so, would I have enough time to get through all of the phases (GPP, SPP etc). Or would I be able to pick up somewhere, where I left off before my injury?
My fitness is quite good at the moment (pool sessions, bike sessions, Speed Ball, and full strength program).
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

It looks like you still have time to start with a short 3 or 4 week GPP if you are planning for a peak in March. You’ll have to start racing carefully in the end of your SPP in January. You should evaluate carefully whether you’re ready for any type full fledged training and how much though.