start planning GPP and SPP and winter comp. PLEASE HELP!!!


because of former back injuries and fatigue i just made 4-5 comps this summer.
Results were good(thx CF :slight_smile: ).

Now i have done nothing for 10days and feel fine.

My future planning is sth like this:

July-september(?):“transitional phase”
kind of off-season with max 4-5 sessions per week. 1 speed-session and gaining muscles(8-10reps) and so on. 2-3 days rest. also kind of preventive in terms of back probs…

October to January
starting a complete GPP
then SPP and comp phase in dec/jan.

My question: how much time do i need for my GPP(19years, 172, 72kg, 16%BF, T&F since 2 years) and then my SPP?
I have the GPP vid and CFTS and vancouver 04. I will watch everything these days in detail.
Is the SPP a normal 3-1-3, which comes after the GPP like its said at the Video?
So to conclude the prob: where do i find infos for my spp1 after the GPP?

I know that its some time till my GPP will start, but i need to know how long i can train now and plan my training for the next 2 months as a transition period.

Or would it be a good idea to start with a long GPP from today on instead of a “2-months-tranistion phase”?

Any help much appriciated!



Work back from your first competition. Ideally you need at least 12 weeks SPP before your block of races. Then you need probably 5-8 weeks GPP. So in total you are looking at about 20 weeks before your first race (I assume 60m indoors). From there you could use a GPP similar to the GPP DVD and then a modified version of the SPP1 from Van’04. You will probably want a lower volume of speed work and perhaps 2 rather than 3 speed sessions a week depending if you intent to train 5 or 6 days a week.

thx for that. you hit exactly the point and answered my question perfectly.

thats what i suggested: GPP and then 12 weeks of “training” …


i looked it up. i should start my GPP in August for 6 weeks(by the way: is their a limit how long to use the GPP ?).

Now i have 4 weeks where "i can do what i want :slight_smile: ".

i just want to stay not too much away from my SBs(i.e. 30m SB 4,04 PB 3,98 and now <4,15) and try to learn some new techniques in terms of lifting(–> GPP Vid).

This is my basic idea for these 4 transitional weeks:

technique(10m blocks+weight technique) or rest
weights 8-10 reps and as utilisation 5x50m in 8-9sec
high intensity - without special end 1+2 and maxWeights
tempos+core , i.e. 2x1-2-3-2-1 walk recovery
weights(8-10reps) and tempos

Any ideas about this?