The gym I go to has no squat rack only a smith machine. What would you guys recomend.

I agree with Pete-look first for another gym.

Are you sure you can’t find another gym? That’s pretty limiting.

no squat rack but a smith machine?! now thas strange!.. i agree with the others look for another gym. :stuck_out_tongue:

has it got a rtange of olympic bars and weight s to match em

The gym is for my son who does not yet drive so another gym is a difficult option. They do have olympic bars but with no squat rack and his inexperience I am reluctant.

buy a squat rack, 0-90 degree bench, and an olympic set of weights. throw a pull up bar in there, and you’re probably just a little bit over what a gym membership would cost you for a year. you’ll be able to do everything with what i mentioned.