squats vs. deads

which do you think is more specific to sprinting and speed and potentially better at producing speed gains?

bsq and fsq…


whats ur problem?

i must say i have no idea what you mean either.

bsq = back squat
fsq = front squat

what planet r u on? most people know what bsq/fsq stands for.

but isnt it nice to actually spell it out to insure that everyone gets it and not insult them if they dont…


i didnt insult the lil man, if i recall he was the one to use the foul language??

i don’t appreciate being called “lil man”… you’ve got some attitude problems

James… You’re a serial poster on here and seem to be all about vocabulary… I think the word you were looking for was ensure, not insure… Using language as a smokescreen to appear better educated than the rest is one thing, but when you’re consistently using words that just aren’t right it kinda ruins the effect. The legal profession, as well as academics are all buying into the plain english movement right now… maybe you should give it some thought.

I know you’re gunna take this pretty personally and some people will point to my post totals and rip me… fair enough… but its just a waste that whenever I read your posts I feel like you could be saying something really useful, but because of the way you communicate no two people will ever get the same message from you.

The best teachers find a way to communicate their ideas so that their pupils know EXACTLY what they mean.


both can be utilized in a program. if you are doing any o-lifts from the floor then you are performing a deadlift on every rep of those movements. I personally feel deadlifts can have a positive carry over effect to your start but they are are taxing on the nervous system more so than the squat.

don’t make his comment mean anything. are you a ‘lil man’?

if yes, then so be it. you don’t like it do something to change it…if no, then great.

you gather he has an attitude from a short post. wow, can you tell me the next lotto numbers as well?

guys please get back to the topic which was put up for discussion!!!

Deads,maybe…but shhh…don’t tell anybody here…uuuh. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually numb nuts both insure and ensure can be used to mean “to make certain of”

As someone said both have there place.

Pesonally I think the Deadlift can help sprinting, my reasoning is that I think the Dead is more of a hip extension movement than the squats.

Also I tend to use olympic lifting, especially the pulls, and deads interchangably in my programmes between phases.