hey when doin squats, lets say u use a heavy weight u havent done before, but when u do it u keep ur back straight and arched but u still feel a bit in ur back is that normal since the weights heavy, cause my back feels a little sore from the workout, just a bit (my lower back) and just to see if my form sounds good. i stuck my butt out and went down staying on flat feet (not moving up heels) and i felt it in my glutes at the bottom stretching and i felt the burn there and my quads a bit on the way down of the squat…what u guys think??? anything else u would like me to tell u guys so ull know if my form sounds good…thoughts please, thanks for helping me guys i appreciate it pleasse try to answer my questions

since you are so concerned about your form and injury, maybe you should stick to lighter weights until you are 100% positive that you have proper form and can get through a workout without fear of hurting yourself. Take care.

well i do think i have the form down real good, i drop butt keep back straight stay on heels and stick my butt out its just i worry alot im so paranoid

stop with the bullshit, go lift, stop worrying, damn…

well then if thats the case, then why worry? Just do the workouts, have someone watch you when you squat if needed to point out any “errors” in your form… Just work hard and try not to worry so much…

It seems like you are in dire need for a “Shut up and lift!”

you know the real thing im only focused and worried on is my back being straight, my friend was spotting me and he said it was straight but i still worry a bit, i have no pains njust soreness there, what are some things i can look to to see if my back was aggreavated? the only thing is that its a bit sore when i bend, no pain just a bit of soreness

and are u supposed to or not feel a stretch in ur glutes at the bottom of the squat and is it possible for someone to move there back on the way down because i worry about htat but my back aint aching and my friend spotting me said it was good please answer i need help on those questions those are the main things

hey lets say someone moved there back while doing squats on the way down, and are using a weight that is heavy and never done before, they should feel back aches and pain right ? (in ur lower back) because im worrying about that even though my friend said it was straight but i have no pains or anything, only right after i did squats the day i did them i felt soreness in my back (no pain) because of the weight i used and never doen that much before what u guys think (i did my workout wednesday and its saturday now and i feel no lower back pain) please give ur thoughts on this since its the most thing im concerned about

soreness/pain is not an indication that your muscles/nervous system has been worked, getting stronger is. If your back isnt in pain, you are fine, its good that you worry about technique, but really you need to not be a huge stickler, and load up the bar.

ya im not talking about if i worked my muscles or not, im talking about my back, read the question please

Your question doesn’t make any sense, nor is it actually a question. Shut up and lift.

I liked my advice best. No offense, but you gotta quit worrying and lift.

Settle on a program and do it. spend your free time tinkering with your next program. then when the current one is done, do the next one you’ve been planning. Now spend your free time planning the NEXT program. stop worrying about the current plan, get under the bar, and lift.


I used to be a chronic routine changer. Then I started doing what I said, rather than working on making this plan better, begin working on your future plan.

maybe its better for you to wear asupportive belt like the throwers wear.i use it and it dosent hurt by back when squating although i have a kind of a weak back ,i dunnt know what happen to it i was an x swimmer and i had a strong back but know it weak

Squatting is not a comfortable exercise. Shut up and lift the goddamn iron.

your right i dont know why im worrying when i have a spotter that ssays its right and my back isnt aching

if form is good, then getting a pain in ur lower back from squatting is a result of a WEAK back. sometimes a weak back could be limiting heavy squats, strengthen ur lower back muscles through reverse hypers and deads.

If you’re really worried, make a video of yourself and review it.

well my lower back isnt hurting, its just im paranoid and i start worryng about things that just pop in my head plus my friend that was spotting said it was straight