Squat form

when doing squats, I have been taught recently to do the following: Squat down and back at a 45deg angle… on the way up, Pull the knee back about the length of a fist held sideways, and from there, drive the hips up and thru. Has anyone heard of this?

Are you able to squat below parallel this way?

I don’t follow the “pull the knee back” cue. Do you mean out?

i kept getting a visual of shaun livingston and willis meghee blowing out their knees, i don’t think thats what he ment though.

to the OP: seriously though, there are alot of articles on squat tech and you might want to check one out vs what you’re saying.

DOUBLE EDIT: the OP isn’t still a site member and the post is from 2003, so basicly this thread can die now.

Dammit I hate it when that happens. It’s like someone posts “I need help tapering for my state meet in 3 weeks”…then someone replies 2 years later haha.

for those wanting to learn how to squat check this 10 part series

For an extremely detailed analysis of squat technique, I highly recommend the book Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It also covers the deadlift, bench press, military press and power clean. Very insightful, even for experienced lifters.


Mortac, Thanks, for the video link, but is he coaching against the hip drive in vid 2 ? According to coach Rippetoe, the hip drive is very important while coming up, in fact he says the hips should move a little faster than the shoulders initially as a result of the drive up. Although not as much as the exagerated good morning position shown in the video.

Rippetoe says alot of strange things like you’re supposed to look forward and down.

I think Rip knows what he is talking about. I just sent him those youtube links and he thought it was shit :slight_smile: . Who is the guy in the video?

Well then maybe he should make some better videos.

Whatever works for you Mortac.
Actually his book Starting Strength is good enough on how to back squat efficiently. And I think they have a DVD in the works.

What exactly did Rip say? Because I think those vids are good and the guys at Power & Bulk (some of whom are very strong) like them. I read the squat chapter in SS and don’t see how there’s such a huge difference that Rip would say that.

Rippetoe is a very experienced coach and knows his stuff.

Check again the angle of the back, knee position, and Hip drive in Starting Strength for a more efficient deep squat.

The instructions in those youtube videos could put a bigger strain on your back and force you to leg press instead.

There is a DVD from Rippetoe in the works so that should answer a lot of these questions.


This is a video of the deep back squat as coached by Mark Rippetoe. The back angle, Knee position and hip drive are very different from the instructional videos posted by Mortac earlier.

I have watched all the Squat Rx videos and own both Starting Strength and Practical Programming. I don’t see what the fuss is about.

Starting Strength is great if you’re trying to optimize your technique for a strength sport. It’s probably better than Squat Rx videos but it’s not free and not available instantly. Most high school kids don’t have $35 and a credit card to buy Starting Strength.

Squat Rx videos are great if you are a newbie with no $ or coach and need to learn & see how to squat safely and effectively.

I’d like to hear others’ opinions. TamFB? quik? anyone?

thats low bar squat style.

And your point is?

What is going on this girl is bending her knees before the hip which is wrong in my opinion.

i posted a thread of which style has more carryover to athletics and the consensous was high bar squat style, but two schools of thought on the subject was you should do it properly to teach the correct way of firing your neurons for proper motor control, or it doesnt matter what way you lift as long as the higher the intensity the more cns stimulus will get out of it from all the added weight you dealing with.

From that thread what was evident was that weight training is a general stimulus and it does not make much sense to get too specific on bar placement so long as you squat deep with good form.