Squat, Deadlift, and Cleans...

How many days a week can you squat, dead, and clean a week? How should you spread them out so you dont tax the CNS too much? Do them all on one day a couple days a week or spread them out over 3 days a week? Not sure need some help…

I do them all after speed work. You have to adjust the volume accordingly so that you don’t tax your CNS. I’ll normally do something as follows:

Cleans 3x3reps
Squats 5x2reps
Deadlifts 2x8reps

I don’t use anything close to my max in deadlifts because this would fry my CNS.

you do this how many times a week,3?

I’ve found little difference between squatting/benching 2 or 4 times a week, as long as the total volume is similar over the whole week. Adjust the volume each session accordingly to suit your program.

I havent tried deadlifting 4 times a week though, I imagine that could be very hard on the lower back, still depends on the intensity though.

I’m trying to maintain my strength levels at the moment so I only do this once a week. In the off-season, I’ll spend more days in the gym(3/week) and I’ll do alot more volume.