Squat Alternative

well, not really an alternative to squatting, but an alternative to say the least. after watching pumping iron numerous times in the past few days, i decided to squat with no shoes/socks last evening. i have to say my session went well and i felt more in control and balanced. maybe it was because i supinate and wear nike shox usually, but i think i’ll be going barefoot from now on. anyone ever try this or have any comments…

If you squat deep try to get some oly lifting shoes. After you try them you won’t want to go back to trainers. Should be more stable than bare feet as well.

i am in the process of getting a pair of oly lifting shoes, but until then i think i’d rather squat barefoot than with shoes on.

As a fellow supinator i have found deadlifting barefoot to be more stable than using shoes. I have never used oly-shoes tough.

ES you got to ask the question-why do power lifters wear such footwear? i guess it strictly for support and a solid base.there are facts out there answering why olym shoes are to be worn but i don’t know exactly why.these guys aren’t wearing them just for the sake of it,they have a reason just like wearing the suit.

why aren’t they lifting bare-foot.i hope dav w can answer my questions

I see the logic with the squats and feeling solid, but there are very few weightrooms or gyms where I would feel comfortable being barefoot, from a hygiene or safety point of view.

Watch for heel injuries when you get up in weight. You can do a lot of damage just racking and unracking the bar, let alone squatting.