Sprinting Range of Motion

I hear all this talk about stepping over and down but i’m still kind of confused…should the focus be on bringing the foot towards the upper hamstring after push off or should the thought be step straight up like a-skips…I have hear’d some people say just step down but if u only think about stepping down how is the upward portion cued?..I know this is alot to ask but I hate being confused and I don’t want to hold on to the wrong mental cues…

Try running with both feet in the air, the brain is a funny thing, the longer the foot is in the air the faster it will will make contact with the ground if it doesn’t the result is pain. If you asked the athletes who have run under 10s what they thought about during the run, I bet the answer is there is not enough time.

ive read that the cue should be almost stomping your foot straight down into the ground and your body is wired so it makes u run correctly this way. and the knee lift should be a result of a natural stretch reflex from your hips, not really a forced action

wow anybody else?

Been reading your old posts, heaps of hints but not putting it all together.


yeah i guess i’m kinda slow…I have always been like this with everything I do…I just wanna do it right because practicing the wrong way as we all know will only engrain bad habits