sprinting and leg day

i did legs on friday and before i did them i ran a 4.5 40 (my first sprint in quit some time) so i was impressed, and i ran a consistant 4.5 for 3 runs… i then did my leg routine (keep in mind this was on friday)… monday i came to run and my time was a 4.6 then a high 4.6 and then a low 4.7 and my legs felt like they were weak… i know this was cause of the leg day on friday. HOWEVER, i was curious if i should push through that or stop and cut the session short?

ive been doing 2 sets of 3 reps 40 yd sprints… 4 minutes between reps and 10 minutes between sets 3 times per week. this ok too?

What do you do in the weightroom?

low volume high intensity… squats and reverse leg presses 1 deadlift set

I have a feeling you don’t need that one set of deadlifting.
It might not be the answer to your problem, but changing from deadlifting to squatting the last two weeks has helped my recovery substantially. My hamstrings used to give me pain every night. I thought it was because of the speed-work.

Your speed-volume and pauses seems fine by me. I hope someone more experienced can have their say…

i dont only deadlift… i do 3 sets of squats and 2 sets of reverse legpress… plus i do rack pulls not as much deadlifts… 1 set

I can’t speak for the younger guys but I relate to your post. With my nutrition, fitness, cns rest in order-I still am not fully recovered after a short,hard legs workout for up to 4 days after. And come to think of it, it was the same when I was 20.

What I meant was that one set of deadlifts following those other exercises might not be necessary.

Even then, it’s a DL variation. Like squats, DL is a limit strength exercise, but is far more stressful on the CNS, thus taking you longer to recovery. So thor is spot on with what he says about dropping the DL…

I know what you mean Johnny hehe :slight_smile:

I perform two speed/plyos/weights workouts a week and one strength endurance workout a week. I have to space at least 3 days between the two speed workouts and watch my volume very carefully.

Yes, and what’s amazing is that not only are my leg workouts not even an hour long, but heeding Charlie/others advice I finally stopped going to failure [HIT style] to compliment my sprinting better. I stop a rep or two short and I’m still fatigued for days! I’ve just accepted my recovery ability being what it is, and now work legs in once every 7-14 days just to say strong. I’m quicker at the track now as a result.

You’re running quicker times at the track because you’re in strength maintenance. If you can’t recover, your leg workouts are either too high in intensity or too much volume.

Split up the total volume into 3 days throughout the week instead of two and read David W’s post about buffering.