Sprinters Lifting Program

Whats up everyone. I would say I am serious lifting for the past 2 years now. It has brought my body fat down and and made me absolutely a better person. When I graduated from high school I was 180 pounds and recieve a track scholarship and I looked no where as good a I did, and I was no where as strong. Now I am 165 pounds stronger than ive ever been. So after 2 year lay off I am making a come back to the track running the 400 meters.

I am having problems putting together a lifting program for my sprinting.The 400 meters is a sprint(some people think its distance), and I need to have the power and strength of a 100 meter sprinter. So I need some info on how to put my program together. Basically what reps and sets for heavy lifting program to develope maximum power.Detailed big time. I want to be precise. Something else to think about is that I work out by myself so I want to be as safe as possible. I can do all the olympic lifts except the snatch. So if you guys can help me put together a great lifting program to help me be more powerful I would appreciate it. I will take all suggestionsm,even on supplementation and rest because I really want to do this really bad. LOL and if it helps I love to squat. My first race will be April the 8th. Thanx alot guys.

Read the entire “Lactic Tollerence” thread in the archieves.

Your weightlifting programme should “fit” with what you are doing on track so you need to know exactly what you are doing for the rest of the season ahead of time.

Also check out the Charlie Francis Training System Ebook in the store. This has most of the info you need.