Sprinter Stick

What is the general opinion of the “stick”. I am hearing more and more about it. Is it worth investing in for a sprinter.

C’est quoi? I’ve never heard of this before! Can someone please enlighten me?

Information about the “stick” can be found at
www.intracell.net along with other products this company makes.

The stick is basically just a self-massage tool that can be used before, during, and after exercise. It works well but so does a wooden rolling pin if you’re tight on money!

IMO a better option. :smiley:

Nice post. I think both Charlie and Clemson have refered atheltes to similar things. Charlie with the Nikken roller, and Clemson with a foamy thingy which is I am sure somewhere on www.regenerationlab.com

The main issue in all of these instances isn’t the cost of the equipment or the effectiveness of it, but the dedication of the athlete and the amount of time that the athlete is willing to spend on self-therapy.

Agree 100% certainly in my case I have found a huge improvement by treating recovery as part of my training just as I would weights, speed, tempo etc. I now refer to them as recovery days instead of off or rest days and even record what I do (foam roller, stretch & usually a contrast shower) in my log.

I have ‘The Stick’ and I think it’s great.

We used to do this back in the day in my Karate class! All you do is get $1.25 beer bottle which is harder than anything else mentioned in the above posts and use this to roll on your legs!

The funny thing is, that these geniouses thought the beer bottle would make the muscles tighter!LOL :rolleyes: