sprint volume progression

how much can one increase their total sprinting distance from week to week and phase to phase?

also on page 89 in CFTS there is a chart of volume of speed and power endurance work.
it ranged from 2200m/week up to 3300m/week!
its in the same section that has an introduction by tudor bompa, so i’m wondering if these are charlie’s numbers or tudor’s.

what type of volumes is everyone doing per week or work out?

I will be going like this:

Week 1 - 200m
Week 2 - 220m
Week 3 - 240-250m
Week 4 - 150m (testing)
Week 5 - 220m
Week 6 - 250m
Week 7 - 260-280m
Week 8 - 180m (testing)

That is my SPP setup which where I begin speed work. I say don’t jump more than 20m a week and probably not more than 50m per phase at a time. It depends on how you feel, how you recover, and how well you are running (times wise). That doesn’t mean time every run, but during testing weeks see where you are at. If you are responding well to low volumes of speed work you could up it a little more and see how you do, or if you aren’t responding well to high volumes of speed work, then drop the volume to accomodate you. It’s all based on you. Let your body be your scheduling key.