Sprint training program for football (for Ced's cousin)

How can I make my speed increase and make my foot and agility faster.

agility is a measure of reaction time, strength to weight ratio, and elasticity. I’d say follow a regular sprinting program(lower volume probably, also maybe more weight room time as size is an advantage in football). This will develop strength to weight ratio and elasticity without wear and tear of specific movements all year long. As for reaction time, drills can be used for this.

Another thing to mention is that football is not all about straight speed. You have to be able to cut, turn, spin, and juke all on the fly. If you practice sprinting in a straight line all the time it wont help you much for this. So I’d recommend that in addition to a standard sprinting program that you add in some short cone drills for agility. An example would be the Pro Agility (20 yard shuttle). If you dont know of any cone drills just ask and I’ll try and explain how to do some of the ones I use.

please read my above statement as to how agility is comprised, cone drills will do very little for agility in a game, as you only get better at the specific drill…

So you’re saying that by teaching your body to make certain maneuvers (i.e. cuts and turns) at high speeds during training it wont help you in the game when you have to make similar maneuvers? That just seems ridiculous to me and I’d like to know the reasoning behind that. Theres more to cone drills than just the Pro Agility, I just gave it as an example for everyone to relate to. I also see what you’re saying about “wear and tear of specific movements,” but there are plenty of varieties in these drills to prevent this from happening. Additionally, cone drills are not something to do more than once or twice a week, and so its not as if you are pouding yourself with them.

im saying doing the cone drills will only get u better at the specific cone drills. why? agility in a game is much more reaction time ability than preset destination, cut, etc… Basically youd be better off without the cone drills and with reaction time training as things are chaotic in a game, and everything is pre set in a cone drill…

Yes, but to train your reaction time you need a partner to react to or someone to give you that cue. With cone drills you can train by yourself on motions that you know that will occur. For example, a receiver knows he will have to make a sharp cut for a 10 yard out route. Cone drills help to make this cut sharper and faster. Now granted, cone drills will not train reaction time, but it will train agility. It trains your ability to maintain speed and to gain it quickly through various changes of direction. Another example is a running back on a sweep. He knows that as soon as he turns the corner hes gonna have to make some cuts and jukes. Hes reacting to defenders, but ultimately hes deciding where he wants to go. Cone drills wont help his reaction time to the defender, but they will help his ability to do what he wants once he does react, and that is very important. Sorry for the long-windedness.