sprint training in Greece..

I will be in Greece 8 weeks this summer… at my parents summer house… (not that far from Halkida) And I dont know if I will be able to find a track & gym to train sprint; like I do here in Sweden. I am really scared of loosing speed and musclemass.

If a train at the beach and all those things will I get slower/loose weight ? Any tips of good sprint training without having a gym/track etc. ?

some facts about myself, maybe needed (?)

born: 1985-10-26
length: 1.79,7 mm
weight: ~76kg
6->9 % BodyFat
100m PB 10.89s

Hi ,
8 weeks without training on a track during competition season? Why? You can always train at the stadium of your town. I think that Halkida has a stadium.
Go there.

Gia Sou Linarski :wink:

Well I would like to join a greek athletics club … if it’s possible (?)

do you know any in Halkida ? And if it’s possible I would like to compete too…

I have a similar problem with you Aleco. I’m going to Thessaloniki on Wednesday, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to use the track in Kalamaria, because last year they wouldn’t allow anyone to enter (because of soccer practices). Does anyone know where the track clubs practice in Thessaloniki? Because I heard the other stadium (Kaftanzoglio) is closed for renovations.

It’s nice to talk with Greeks! Elpizo na eiste olloi kala!:wink:

Guys its a bad time for the cities outside Athens nowadays in Greece. Everywere there is work in progress.
Stephanie, Kalamaria is ok you can train there.
Unfortunatelly for you Aleco there are very limited changes to compete in Greece right now because the small meets are mostly closed. It’s like a GP circuit and the participants who appear have collected points in previous meets.

Mia xara eimaste…!:wink:

too bad :frowning:

but if there is a track in Halkida that I can train on ?.. it’s enough.

and I can always arrange my own competitions (me and the shadow) :sing:

btw. Linarski do you know who is the best junior 100m sprinter at the moment in Greece ? (for this year)

Linarski, do you got icq/msn/aim ?

here you got me:
icq#: 98469676
msn: xism@msn.com
aim: alecos1

(or e-mail postmaster@cyprusemb.se)

alecos and stef
I know of a track in Thessaly, i used to use it when I was younger but that would not help you out in Halkida. I will get back to you about others in your area. My father is very familiar with a lot of the tracks in Greece. There are many tracks for you to train on, plus you all know Greeks like to help out Greeks, so I’m sure someone will help you out once you get there.

there is a nice dirt track in leonidion, with weeds and all :smiley:

unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a name of any specific track outside Thessaly. Good luck.