sprint training for the recreational athlete

CFTS Sprinting Guidelines:
6x30m, 5x60m, 4x100m with full rest betw. sprints

guideline for full rest (which I picked up from QuikAzHell):
1 minute per every 10m sprinted

a full sprinting session with these parameters:
18 min + 30 min + 40 min = 1 hour, 28 minutes

my sprinting session:
6x30m & walk 30m between sprints
5x60m & walk 60m betw. sprints
4x100m & walk 100m betw. sprints.

my proposed plan:
6x30m, 1.5 minutes rest betw. sprints, 9 min total rest
5x60m, 3 min rest betw. sprints, 15 min total rest
4x100m, 5 min rest betw. sprints, 20 min total rest

1st week: 6x30m & 5x60m
2nd week: 6x30m & 4x100m
3rd week: 5x60m & 4x100m

finally, my question:
which is more effective… my sprinting session as it currently is or my proposed plan? i am a full-time student and i work 20 hours part time so it’s pretty ahrd for me to balance sprinting, lifting, school, and homework all at one time.

i am also wondering about the caloric afterburn of sprinting as I’ve read in one of Charlie’s posts that caloric afterburn than the actual caloric expenditure of sprinting itself.

what do you guys think?

one more question:
What should I buy after CFTS? I’m thinking the 2002 forum review as it’s only $20 but I’m curious about what one book is the most useful & valuable.

Humm i´m not sure about the 100m sprints full effort.

Go for Speed Trap, it´s cheap and nice.

Form over Quanity anyday.

What they are trying to say is… you’re running way too much! Rest is your friend in sprint training. Try something like this:

6x30m with 5 minutes rest btwn each. That is it.