Sprint Training - Can you help me with my workouts?


I am new to this board and new to sprint training - i have been triple jumping for about a year but (because of my stupidity) disregarded the sprint/speed factor in jumping further and concentrated on jumping higher.

So now i am stuck with a 30"+ vertical jump and an 11.90 - 12.2second 100metre time which sucks.

I had no idea how to train for sprint training although i made something up which i thought might have been pretty good - so before i make any mistakes I would really appreciate it if some knowledgable guys on here could give me some advice :).

Right now i am doing this…

Monday - Plyometrics
Tuesday - Olympic Lift Workout
Wednesday - TJ Workout
Thursday - AM - OLY Lifts, PM - Acceleration Workout
Friday - Plyometrics
Saturday - Oly Lifts
Sunday - Rest

Plyometric Workout consists of -

Standing Long Jumps
Explosive Starts
Alternate Hops
Leap Ups
Impact stuff (step, hit the floor, hop back up immediately)
Standing Triple Jumps
Box Jumps
(split up over the 2 days) - i do the impact stuff on friday

Olympic lift workout usually looks like this -
Snatches - 5x3
cleans - 3x3
Push Presses - 5x5
Squats OR Deadlifts OR Weighted Step Ups 3x3
Glute Ham Raises (Saturday Only) 3x6

Triple jump (wednesday) workout is like this -
Run Up Phase 2x1
Hop Phase 3x1
Hop, Step Phase 2x1
Triple Jumps 3x1
Triple Jump (MAX EFFORT) 1x1

Acceleration Workout -
20 Metres - 4x1
Flying Accel - 3x1
40 metres - 2x2
90 Metres (Max V) 2x1

If someone could help me out ith getting my acceleration and overall speed up that would be great - and if anyone could point out any flaws with my triple jump training + weight training (I am sure there are 10000000000s) could you please give me a hand - i know this is the sprint section but i am sure you know what i am doing wrong :slight_smile:

I am 15 years old and my PBs are as follows

Triple Jump - 12.49metres (competition) / 13.20Metres (Training)
100 Metres - 12.20 Seconds (Competition) / 11.9Seconds (Training)

It has been a while since i have competed and i have aquired correct TJing footware and gotten rid of my shin splints (YAYYY) since then so i think i will deffinetaly be jumping over 13 at the NAtional C on the 29th August.

Thanks in advance for your help



Who is coaching you and are they overseeing your lifting and plyos? You need wayyyyyy more rest than you are giving yourself, and you need recovery workouts every second day instead of high intensity workouts everyday.

Monday - TJ Workout (Which would include speed work or accelerations as you call it) - Plyometrics
Tuesday - Tempo
Wednesday - TJ Workout (again this
Thursday -Tempo
Friday - TJ Workout - Oly Lifts
Saturday - Tempo
Sunday - Rest

What sort of mid-section/core work are you doing?

Hey thanks for the reply…

Like i said i am very new to specific training for this so please dont get mad when i say anything stupid :)…

I dont have a coach for triple jump - i have just always did my own thing and made progress my own way - my club is unorgonised and and coaches that i can see i must travel for a very long distance to get to the track…I am using a personal trainer at my gym to observe me when i olympic lift and do plyometrics - he keeps me right with olympic lifts and to an extent with plyometrics.

Sorry i do not know what mid section/core work is - could you please explain to me if you have time?

Right now my triple jujp looks like this -

Hop Phase - 4.90metres -to 5.10-metres
Step Phase - 2.00 - 2.20 Metres
Jump Phase 5.00Metres - 5.20Metres

As you can see my step phase needs work - i think i need to concentrate on getting my hop lower.

Could you please help me out more with the way i should do my workouts/allocate them to days in the week and explain Tempo Training to me if you can.