sprint style

Today I ran a 300m in 35.26 ht and my 200m split was 23flat ht. I ran it hard but smooth. by smooth i mean long easy strides but my start was slow but i gathered up speed.

i then proceeded to run a 200m after wards and ran that in 23.5 going full out. i ran this like i usually do. hard and powerful on the turns and backstrecth…
and i was actually going 100%

what can i do to fix this. run them like my first 200 of my 300 longstrides?

mind you i had full recovery between both of them


As you may have read in the CFTS and on other posts, when you press or force yourself to run as fast as you can, you tighten up and actually run a slower time. Next time, stay cool and maintain that smoothness you mentioned. Also, can you explain what you mean when you say long, easy strides?

my stride length is a bit longer and i’m not powering thr ground like i would do if i were to run a 60m…i gradually accelerate to top speed …

my knees come high and i hit thr ground quick…unlike my 60 where i hit hard and power into it