Sprint stimulas compared to Strength stimulas idealls.

Various stimulas for improved speed.

  1. Max speed. (96-100 %) = Intensity.
  2. Speed endurance = Overdistance & spec endurance
  3. Short recoveries = Density.
  4. Total distances covered in session. = Volume

Various stimulas for improved strength.

  1. High tension contractions (heavy or fast) = Intensity
  2. High total time under tension = TTUT
  3. High density of training = Density
  4. Total reps in session = Volume
    I think David W said density may be the most important factor in determining protein degradation, the stimulas for greater strength.
    David W, please chip in to confirm or deny.(much appreciated.)

I would like the forum to mention 1 or 2 of their favourite principles, or principles that seem to have given them most results.
Please indicate either 100m, 200m or 400m if you respond.
This could have been put in the strength thread OR sprint training thread, anyway it’s here.

Anyway, I seem to have had better sprint results from over distance work. I’ve had satisfying strength results from high intensity WITH high density when both have been presant in the same session.

This is sort of like a poll :slight_smile:

I see results when, for the 400m, alternating b/t 2 speed sessions/1 speed endurance session one week and 2 speed endurance sessions and/1 speed session the next week. It’s a long story, but I followed this for awhile and saw results.

For strength, I saw results from high sets, low rep sessions with near-full recoveries. My maxes are really going up right now.