Sprint/Speed Suits.

I was just wandering, would any of you guys know where on the web I could purchase a decent sprint/speed suit?.

Ideally I’m looking for a black adidas suit as worn by Tyson Gay in the photo’s below.

Would any of you guys happen to know where I could go to purchase one, or that one in particular?.

good luck. All i can usually find are the ugly eastbay crap.

A few of my kids feel faster when they wear them, but can’t say it is significant. They found adidas one on their website.

Looks like eBay might be my best bet.

New Adidas Suit for Athletes.

We have already seen the material that hardens upon impact. Now Adidas has made their Torino 2006 athletes wear a new tech suit. The strategic placement of the TPU power bands enhances spatial awareness and amplifies the natural movement and motion of a sprinter. The result is more efficient movement, greater comfort, amplified freedom and ultimately a faster run.

From Gizmag -> Adidas claims that an average 5.3% improvement in energy output and 1.1% faster sprint time was measured over 30 metres. Most importantly the testers registered a 1.3% reduction in oxygen consumption on test subjects wearing the new suit. A clear indication that the onset of fatigue is delayed.

With its shaped, three-dimensional engineering, the adidas Clima TechFit suit fits like a second skin, helping muscles work more powerfully and efficiently while maintaining your body at the optimum temperature using the Clima365 system and Powerweb technology.

Very hard to track down. Can’t find anything from the official store.

Eastbay DOES have the 2-piece Adidas Powerweb suits like Gay has worn in the past…but you have to work to find them.

For some reason, you don’t see this stuff if you just click on clothing. You have to go to the search bar and type in “Techfit” or “Powerweb”, and then you will find the cooler Adidas racing stuff. I bought the powerweb shorts from them this way. They are simply not advertised.


Adidas also has a very cool singlet top that looks very much like what Nike has for their sponsored pros but won’t sell. I’m using this for racing with the powerweb shorts (white colors match, but I don’t know about the others). Eastbay does NOT have this, but you can find it here:


prob only available to sponsered adidas athletes.


Thankyou AJP.

The vital keyword missing from my search: Powerweb.

I thought the 1 piece speedsuits were pretty much “out” in terms of style. All the teams I see in NCAA meets that I race in are using 2-piece versions–much easier to deal with in terms of things like bathroom breaks.

I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference.

I like what Tyson wears personally.

For those still interested in a suit like one mentioned earlier worn by Tyson Gay…one for sale on Ebay:


This was Tyson running 9.79 last year in Clermont.:


Notice, no 1-piece suits. Same when he raced in Manchester. As I said before, 1-piece suits are “out” for the well-dressed sprinter.

2 piece suits are simply a LOT easier for quick bathroom visits.

Maybe wait until you’re a world class sprinter before wearing a one piece speed suit, otherwise you will likely be ridiculed and labeled a try-hard, wannabe, poser or poofter.

What a load of rubbish. If you want to wear one there’s nothing stopping you. Regardless of what time you run. Who cares what anyone thinks! If you think you can perform better wearing one then you will. Thats like saying don’t buy Air Jordans til you’re a NBA star.

I remember being heckled by a competitor a few years ago because of the suit I was wearing. Needless to say he didnt break 11.30 and I ran 10.74 easing up.

“I can’t wear a beige shirt to a bank robbery.” – Woody Allen